FleX-BLE Dev Kit

SoP packaging makes the thinnest Bluetooth systems possible. Bluetooth® capability is desirable for trackers, headsets, beacons, virtual reality, medical monitors and many other applications too numerous to list. In most cases, making this capability thinner, smaller and flexible provides for more desirable Bluetooth products. However, thin systems that bend pose a serious reliability problem for conventional rigid packaging technology, not to mention that conventional packages are really thick!

American Semiconductor’s FleX-BLE Dev Kit provides a reliable ultra-thin Bluetooth demonstration capability and a development platform for your next generation products. The kit utilizes an SoP packaged Nordic nRF51822 to demonstrate the thinnest BLE® SOC in the world and provide it in a fully functional BLE-on-flex assembly. The nRF51 isn’t the most advanced BLE SOC, but its relatively large area, almost 4mm x 4mm, makes it a great device for demonstrating thin and flexible concepts. It is also a great demonstrator for the leading-edge capability of SoP and advanced flip-chip ACA assembly that can make systems smaller than ever before.

SoP capability can be applied to any Bluetooth IC. The FleX-BLE Dev Kit provides immediate capability for developing, programming and demonstrating ultra-thin Bluetooth systems.

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