Our History

Company History

American Semiconductor began in 2001 as a CMOS process technology development company specializing in CMOS fabrication and IC design for high altitude electronics. In 2012, the company made a strategic pivot to focus on commercialization of ultra-thin device fabrication using Semiconductor-on-Polymer™ advanced packaging technology. In 2015 the company broke ground on its first production facility for advanced packaging and expanded that ​capability through a joint venture with HD MicroSystems in 2019. Today, American Semiconductor provides industry leading thin device capability for WLCSP, assembly and test, and delivers complete solutions from development and integration through pilot production.

ASAP Initiative

Idaho has a long and rich history in leading-edge packaging and assembly. ASAP (American Semiconductor Advanced Packaging) was the American Semiconductor led initiative started in 2020 to support reestablishment of world-class advanced packaging in the U.S. ASAP promotes the current intellectual talent available in this region and development of future technologists that will contribute to new innovations in advanced packaging. The ASAP initiative contributed to the successful passage of the U.S. “CHIPS” investment strategy introduced in Title XCIX of the 2021 NDAA and funded by the U.S. Congress in the Chips and Science Act of 2022. The ASAP effort is now transitioning to establish a significant new American OSAT in the U.S. based on the possibilities of resources for U.S. factory expansions and construction now feasible through CHIPS.