American Semiconductor is the industry leader in thin chip packaging.

America’s OSAT for design, packaging, assembly and test of state-of-the art thin electronics technology.

American Semiconductor Demonstrates SoP-HEMI Spherical CHIPS for Ocular and Image Sensor Applications

A flexible die mounted on a spherical surface

What We Do

We are the semiconductor manufacturing service provider that specializes in thin electronic packaging. American Semiconductor (ASI) thin-device capability is based on Semiconductor-on-Polymer™ packaging that makes the thinnest devices possible. ASI is a global provider of a complete range of services for thin electronic system manufacturing. Our extensive expertise, capabilities, and facilities enable us to support your program requirements for new product development and volume manufacturing.

Services & Products

American Semiconductor’s advanced packaging technology and services provide thin capabilities. ASI’s offerings include Semiconductor-on-Polymer™ chip scale packaging, chip-on-flex assembly and a wide variety of engineering and design services. See List of Services & Products below.

Design & Prototyping

SoP Packaging

Assembly & Test


Development Kits

Wearables & Labels


Advanced Packaging is the future for semiconductor technology. American Semiconductor’s Semiconductor-on-Polymer™ (SoP) produces the thinnest packaged ICs possible and is a revolutionary process for protected Fan-In. SoP enables next generation, low cost, high reliability, ultra-thin integrated circuits that greatly improve the ability to integrate semiconductor functionality for thin PCB, Fan-Out, Heterogenous Integration and multi-chip advanced packaging. Interested in finding out more?