Smart Tags

Smart tags are labels that do not require any on-board power source. American Semiconductor is not a smart tag company. However, SoP packaged ICs and flip-chip ACA thin device assemblies have been demonstrated as ideal for smart label applications. American Semiconductor has designed and produced reference designs and tag technology demonstrators that can be used to jump start “smart” product solutions in IoT, logistics, tracking and similar uses. American Semiconductor smart tags demonstrate energy harvesting NFC or EPC Gen2 RFID technology that requires no on-board power source and provides unique consumer interactive experiences for consumer feedback, on-line ordering, product authentication and security.

NFC smart tags come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have been demonstrated using a variety of substrate materials, even paper! In addition to industry standard logistics tracking capability, the devices are programmable, consumer interactive and can include sensors. Most significantly, American Semiconductor smart tag designs can be easily read using smartphones or industry standard readers. High volume production to support American Semiconductor smart tag designs is available.

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