Flex Assembly Testing

  • Chip-on-flex – SoP/SMT on board testing
  • FHE – Flexible Hybrid System Function and Reliability

Chip-on-flex and FHE systems require evaluation to ensure manufacturing methods and that functional products are being shipped to customers. American Semiconductor’s test capability ensures quality at all levels of the process. Flexible circuits can be evaluated through simulation or functional testing of the printed circuits. System level testing ensures the finished product functionality. Test and debug capabilities provide failure analysis.

​Flexible systems have reliability concerns that often differ from traditional electronics. Physical flexibility brings new challenges for reliability in non-flat conditions and body-worn systems must operate in warm, humid, often salty environments. American Semiconductor has established industry leading methods and specifications for the unique requirements of FHE reliability testing, including radius-of-curvature testing for simple and complex curves and both standard and accelerated lifetime testing.

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