American Semiconductor provides Assembly services for SoP, thin-device technology, and SMT supporting product development and pilot production volumes.

American Semiconductor ACA Flip-chip assembly is a high-density anisotropic conductive adhesive “direct interconnect” process that produces the thinnest systems possible and can be applied to a wide variety of substrates, including PET, Cu-on-PI, paper or similar. 50um pad on 100um pitch is common and can include large arrays of pads. ACA provides a continuous layer under the die and eliminates the need for underfill. Flex-on-flex assemblies can run through standard lamination or be surface coated to provide high reliability. ACA flip-chip is compatible with standard SMT processing.

ASI maintains in-house assembly capability for ACA flip-chip manufacturing and can support flex or board design and procurement.
Additional information for ACA flip-chip and assembly are provided on the Resources page.
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High pin count ACA flip-chip assembly

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