NextFlex Lauds American Semiconductor as Game Changers in Flexible Hybrid Electronics Through Delivery of Flexible Smart Asset Monitor and Tracking Tag

San Jose, July 18, 2018

American Semiconductor, Inc., the global leader in physically flexible integrated circuits and Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE), has been honored by comments from NextFlex’s Director of Technology, Jason Marsh. “American Semiconductor’s leadership on the NextFlex-funded project – Flexible Smart Asset Monitor and Tracking Tag – along with partner Boise State University, recently resulted in delivery of completed demonstrators that prove that this game-changing flexible technology has advanced substantially. This new smart sensor tag utilizes long range RFID, can monitor temperature in real-time, includes an on-board battery, and due to its flexible form factor, it can repeatedly bend to 10mm in a radius bend test,” said Jason Marsh, NextFlex Director of Technology. “This is a great demonstration of print process applications for the packaging industry, particularly for pharma cold-chain. American Semiconductor’s talented team of engineers are advancing flexible hybrid electronics, and this smart asset tag illustrates how flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) can add value to supply chain management systems that reduce waste and improve quality time to market.”

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