Data Logger Labels

American Semiconductor is not a data logger company. However, SoP packaged ICs and flip-chip ACA thin device assemblies have been demonstrated as ideal for data logger applications. American Semiconductor has designed and produced reference designs and label technology demonstrators that can be used to jump start “smart” data logger product solutions or similar powered smart labels for a variety of cold chain, wearable health patch or disposable monitoring applications. American Semiconductor data logger technology demonstrates advanced flexible electronic systems enabled by FleX-NFC SOCs with temperature sensor, printed antenna inlays and small format flexible batteries.


Thin and flexible temperature data logger labels provide high accuracy temperature data in a small, ultra-thin form factor and communicate wirelessly with NFC enabled smart phones. Extensive user programmability allows customization to meet a wide range of application needs. Unique product identification serialization provides individual device traceability. American Semiconductor’s data logger technology has been fabricated in volume to verify manufacturability. Reference designs and specifications for data loggers are available to implement a fast start for your new product development. High volume production to support American Semiconductor data logger designs is available.

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