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American Semiconductor, Inc. is the industry leader in flexible integrated circuits and Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) development. As our name implies, American Semiconductor is dedicated to U.S. manufacturing. All of our products and services are made and performed on-shore in the United States of America. We are your complete services provider for flexible ICs, from concept to fabrication. American Semiconductor offers a complete suite of engineering and manufacturing services that enable you to realize your product.

As an on-shore, ITAR compliant, flexible products and services provider, American Semiconductor supports all aspects of IC design, FleX Silicon-on-Polymer flexible wafer processing, and Flexible Hybrid Electronics design & manufacturing. IC services include design, verification, layout, foundry selection, foundry management, and test. Engineering support for flexible hybrid systems includes printed electronics design and fabrication, antenna design and fabrication, FleX integration, prototype development, and production.

Whether you have just sketched your concept on the back of a napkin or have a product to replicate, American Semiconductor goes beyond typical manufacturers to ensure your product needs are met.

American Semiconductor is the leading authority on flexible single crystal CMOS. We support pure-play foundry services for flexible ICs. We partner with leading foundries to design your IC in the best fitting process. American Semiconductor is dedicated to providing fast fabrication of designs with maximum protection of our customers' IP.

FleX™ Silicon-on-Polymer™ is a revolutionary substrate conversion process that provides flexible ICs and fully flexible wafers. FleX enables the next generation of flexible electronics and Flexible Hybrid Systems.
FleX™ Silicon-On-Polymer™

Design & Development Services is a turnkey design engineering and product development solution providing engineering expertise in a variety of foundry processes as well as FleX Silicon-on-Polymer and related flexible electronics applications.
Design & Development Services: Customer Focused Engineering

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The FleXform-ADC™ Development Kit is available for developing and prototyping printed and flexible sensors.

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FleX™ Silicon-On-Polymer™ Flexible CMOS

Design & Development Services

  • Specifications & Requirements
  • Foundry & Process Selection
  • Digital & Analog Design
  • IP Acquisition & Verification
  • Layout & Physical Verifcation
  • Prototype Testing

Process Development & Integration

  • Process Development
  • Process Integration
  • Process Recreation & Fab Transfers
  • Engineering Services

American Semiconductor is an award winning, on-shore U.S. semiconductor foundry that develops and commercializes technology. We are active in advanced technology research supporting programs for agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Energy, and NASA.